Find Clinical Trials in Your Area

Click Find Studies to learn about the multiple studies in your area currently recruiting participants. 


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Find Clinical Trials in Your Area

Click Find Studies to learn about the multiple studies in your area currently recruiting participants. 

As simple as a doctor's visit

Get seen by top doctors in their field at no cost to you. Follow-up visits may be required.

Earn money for your time

Financial compensation varies by study, you can earn compensation for your time and travel.

Participants can receive new and advanced medical treatment by leading doctors and hospitals.

No-cost study-related medical care


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TrialSearch has placed patients in trials across more than 175 therapeutic areas.


of participants said theywould participate in aclinical trial again.


Actively enrolling clinical trials to choose from, with new studies added all the time.


TrialSearch is the best way to search for and match with clinical trials recruiting in your area.

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Trials by the Numbers

Ionia, MI

"I felt great about being in the study. I liked the fact that the research was to help other people who suffer from the same situation."

Boston, MA

"I would absolutely recommend being a part of a clinical trial to anyone like me who was out of options. I would have gotten involved sooner if I had known more about studies and how they work."

Hendersonville, NC

"The staff was wonderful and built a personal relationship with me contributing immensely to my good experience in the study."

What Participants Are Saying

89% of patients would participate in a trial again. Here are a few experiences that past participants have shared:

When performing clinical trials, researchers put the safety of the participants above all else. Nearly all of the trials currently enrolling are Phase 2 or Phase 3, where the initial stage of testing is complete, and the drug or treatment is determined as safe to expand to a larger population.

All studies we connect you with are FDA-authorized and thoroughly evaluated against ethical and safety standards. Through every phase of the process, studies seek approval from regulating entities, follow highly protective policies, and acquire informed consent from all the study volunteers.

Clinical Trial Safety

TrialSearch can match you to one of hundreds of actively enrolling clinical trials – helping you find potential new treatment options and bringing new medications and therapies to market faster. Since 2012, our team has been working side-by-side with those who suffer from chronic health conditions, helping you to find, qualify and enroll in new studies.

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